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Would You Be Ready? (#31WriteNow)

WHAT?!?! A double-post! Girl what?!?!? lol

For whatever reason, my creative juices are just flowing TODAY. I’m not mad. Nope. I’m gonna ride this wave until it drops me off wherever and I think y’all will appreciate this very short (and to the point) post.

Earlier today, I was doing my regular stuff I’ve been doing since August 18th (job searching, business building, tweeting, facebooking, tumbling, etc.) and the biggest “AHA!” hit me in the face. As I was searching for a position I deemed worthy of being considered by me, I came across a listing that was posted by someone I’m quite familiar with. As I looked at it (and determined I’m not interested in applying for it), I remembered something she told me a LONG time ago:

“I appreciate the attention you pay to detail. It shows you’ll be ready for whatever happens next.”

Here’s why it was an “AHA!” moment: IF anyone called me and said, “Courtney! HURRY UP AND GET TO ABC COMPANY IN THE NEXT 17 MINUTES! They are holding interviews for this position that I said you’d be perfect for and they are willing to talk to you now!” I would not be ready to go. Speaking frankly, I don’t think I’d be ready if someone called and said that opportunity was available for the next four days. I’m not ready. My hair isn’t done. My laundry isn’t done. And I’ve just been downright sad (I mean, rightfully so…but still…I gotta get out of this).

So today I made the decision to get ready and I’m going to start by (painfully) doing my hair. Clearly my life doesn’t move until I show I AM ready. I’ve been saying it long enough. Now to prove it.

If the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to you, would you be ready? If not, what do you have to do to get ready?