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The Five Reasons I Started My Own Business*

 In 2013, I made the promise to myself that 2014 would be all about Purpose, Passion and Prosperity. To make sure I stick to that promise, I decided to start by being completely honest with myself. To me, that means getting clear on my motivation behind everything that I do.

I mean, every single thing.

This task is hard enough but I’m developing a practice where I ask myself the question, “Why?” until I run out of answers. The first thing I wanted to share was the WHY? behind starting my own business. Now before going any further, I would like to say that I am a bit cautious about sharing these things because at first glance, they seem shallow. Then I remembered that living a life of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity means that you pretty much throw the deuces to other people’s opinions as you take life head on.

Respectfully, of course. So without further ado, the five reasons I started my own business, Professional By Design NOLA

Reason 1: I don’t like waking up early in the morning unless I have to.

The greatest thing about being my own boss? I wake up when I want to wake up. I have set a particular amount of time to devote to my business in a given week and month. When I hit that threshold, I see the benefits that I want and if I want to give extra because I have been led to do so, I do. I don’t experience the same type of burnout that I dealt with working full-time for someone else because there is only one set of expectations to meet – MINE. This means that I am using not being a morning person to my advantage and having the ability to set my own hours and schedules is a Godsend. I’m basking in it.

Reason 2: Dress codes are one of the dumbest thing on earth, IMO.

There is nothing more annoying than being told you have to wear a particular “outfit” or style of clothing when (1) most of your wardrobe falls out of that and (2) you don’t earn enough money to go buy new clothes. My philosophy has always been – I came to work and I wasn’t naked so what more do you want? Just kidding, but it’s pretty close to that. After coming to this realization, I knew that I wouldn’t last long in my field working for another person because of the “wear a suit” mentality that so many people hold. You wear your suit. As for me and my closet? Vibrant blazers and equally stunning heels (4 inches or higher please) it shall be.

Reason 3: I like to do things my way.

Period. I want my files for organization a certain way and I want my reports done a certain way. Mostly, I approach my work in a way that is unconventional while still being sure of myself. I didn’t realize this was so problematic until a few years back. For a while, I would give into the status quo and do things in a way that made everyone else comfortable while I would struggle production wise but the freedom and room for creativity that running my own business gives me? Unmatched and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m still willing to collaborate though (I just want to do it on my own terms).

Reason 4: Don’t give me a choice if there was only one right answer.

This ties to number three. As an employee in someone else’s company, I often got into trouble because I would answer a question the wrong way. By this I mean, I would have the fortune of choosing between Option A and Option B. Usually, I would choose the option that the person didn’t want me to pick. My thing is this – if there is only one answer, why make it look like I have free will? This was always frustrating for me and I was labeled “difficult to work with.” I no longer face this problem because I’m my own coworker.

Reason 5: Maury, 2 Chainz…and Beyoncé.

There is something about the freedom that comes along with eating breakfast in the late morning as Maury plays on your television screen and being able to follow that “Look at that nose! It’s the same nose Maury!” excitement with the musical styling’s of 2 Chainz and Beyoncé without someone telling you about it. The only thing I miss about working in an office with other people is sharing the newest chamber music arrangement of my favorite ratchet rap song. Who knew so much joy could be found in playing my music as loud as I want without coming across as a person who is not willing to collaborate? After all, why should I ignore the urge to belt out my rendition (as only I can) of Mrs. Carter’s “Schoolin’ Life” just because an office mate may not want to hear it? If you said that I shouldn’t, you are correct. Because we know that Jesus did not bear the cross for my sins for me to ignore that urge.

And that’s really all there is to it. You see it really boils down to the freedom to express myself in the best way possible for me. Also…money. As long as I put my passion and zeal into what I do, I’ll never hear the words, “You haven’t done anything to deserve a raise” again in my life.

Which is amazing.



*More on my business: Professional By Design NOLA was formed in 2012 with the intention of providing professional development with a personal touch. In addition to building and editing resumes, cover letters and other services for your professional portfolio, I tap into my intuitive nature to engage in one-to-one sessions and provide my client with a new way to think about their skills, abilities and talents that they offer to their professional calling. If interested in learning more or to find out more about my services, simply email ProfByDesign@gmail.com and follow on Twitter: @ProByDesignNOLA.


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