A Glimpse Into My Life

See it through my eyes & understand me a little more

Forced to Recalibrate

Calibrate: To make corrections in; adjust. (source)

If I were asked to describe this phase of my life on yesterday, I would have honestly said that I had no idea why I was here and facing the same difficulties again. In full transparency, those difficulties include: (1) being definitively homeless and (2) being definitively ignorant (showing a lack of education or knowledge) in correctly applying lessons to my life.

Basically, I would describe it as “same shit, different day.”

Last night though, something happened. That something was a bit of clarity. While sitting in silence, two thoughts came to me (one of which I’m sharing here). The major thought is that I’m in a season of recalibration. That’s right, this is a time to course correct and had I paid attention to the lessons and applied them to all aspects of my life, I wouldn’t face the difficulties I’m in now.

Honestly, I’ve been scared. I know that it means to cut people off or deal with them differently and I’m not ready for that. I really don’t think anyone is ever ready for that task but it’s necessary. I’m not sure what life will look like in the next few weeks or even tomorrow, but I know that once every thing is adjusted accordingly, I’ll move forward with such ease. And that’s what keeps me going.



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