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Why Men Should Stop Complaining About the Friend Zone

Alternate title: “It Could Be a LOT Worse, My Dude.”

Last night, I was spacing out in front of the tv watching one of my favorite shows on HGTV (Income Property). I love this show for the information it shares on income properties and being a landlord. I just wanted to share that so y’all didn’t think I was just…not doing anything.

Since I’m unemployed still.

Anywho…I’m watching this channel when one of my favorite commercials comes on – the one with the m&ms at the party.

“Watch out for the chocolate crazed maniac. She will devour you!”

Seriously, some good comedy there. Much better than SNL (don’t argue with me here because I’m right). But I got to thinking, “Geez! That red m&m has been Friend Zoned so hard and you don’t see him complain.”

I laughed and then said I was on to something.

Now this post is called why men shouldn’t complain but it is for EVERYONE! I just did that because I wanted more hits to my blog (thanks Google). It sucks being friend zoned. I know this from personal experience. I can’t really think of something that sucks more. Oh wait? Yes I can – homelessness, a credit score in the 500s, unemployment, chronic illnesses, etc.

I digress because you get the point.

But really I just want people to stop lamenting about being stuck in a Friend Zone. Because you could one day finding yourself smelling like a chocolate anything and being stuck in a small space with a chocolate loving maniac.

And I’m sure that won’t end well for at least one of you.


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