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Evidence of Ridiculous Faith

I just finished reading a 13-Day BibleApp Plan called “Elisha: A Tale of Ridiculous Faith.” The plan ended with a question that forced me to sit down and think. I mean really think. The question was: “What steps do you need to take to have the type of ridiculous faith that Elisha had?”

My answer was “I don’t know.” Then I began to wonder how do you start to live a life of insane belief when all of your life you’ve been led to believe that you’re better off unnoticed?

Then I came to my senses (this was right before lunch so it could have been a side-effect of hunger). I remembered a conversation I had with a friend of mine a while back. I told her about how great she was and why she was amazing. I wanted to build her up and let her know someone who deeply cared about her happiness and supported her path to self-fulfillment was there. I wanted her to know how awesome she was and I had faith in her ability to be who she was called to be.

Today, I find myself in the same emotional state she was in and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to hear those things about myself. The more I wanted to believe that those things were true.

Now before y’all say this sounds egotistical, know that I’m coming to realize a major piece of crazy faith comes from knowing you can do what you are called to AND that you deserve all of the good that comes your way. To start living a life of insane faith, you have to start living a life of humbled confidence. It’s a fine and delicate balancing act – knowing that you deserve a good life and having the self-confidence to carry it out can be isolating. Especially if people aren’t used to seeing you that way. But those are necessary beliefs to have about yourself when you are asking for miracles to take place in your life.

So that’s my first step – believing in myself and my right to all that I will be blessed with.

What steps do you need to take to develop crazy faith?


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