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You’re Not Exempt

You know what really rubs me the wrong way? When people comment about something you said as though you can’t have an opinion on the subject because you don’t fit a certain category.

A short list of this includes:

  • “being the single friend who gives advice to a friend in a relationship”
  • “commenting on ‘parenting techniques’ even though you’re childless”

Now I get folks’ concerns and there is that general notion of “you don’t understand because you are not in the situation.” However, MOST people who get upset about what you have to say fall into one of two categories: people who do horribly at whatever task is in question OR people who ask for (good) advice and refuse to take it.

I’ve had the opportunity to observe people and I consider myself a pretty good judge of character. Most other folks consider me a good judge of character as well because they ask for my thoughts. What offends me the most is being brushed off with a “you don’t get it” because I really don’t understand, condone, encourage or write off shitty behavior.

And there are TONS of people who engage in shitty behavior and habits who HATE being called out about this.

Now, I’m not saying that you are a horrible person if you aren’t a good partner/spouse or parent. No, I’m just saying that you’re not that good at that particular task and if multiple people point out the same thing, it really isn’t them…it really is you. You’re not exempt from critique because I’d like to think that most people who offer it up do so because they want you to be better. Yet, in this age of hyper-criticism and “I’m better than you because I have edges,” folks do not want to believe that they can be critiqued. This is especially true on social media platforms.

While I believe that people shouldn’t criticize others, I will say that if you happen to be a highly critical person, you should definitely expect it. Just because you think you are the bees-knees, you should know that you are not exempt from criticism.


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