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But At Least You Tried!?

I have got to be honest with y’all; I’ve always hated that phrase. When I share with someone that I’m afraid of failing at a task and they respond, “But at least you tried,” it makes my whole soul itch. Imagine Satanic Mosquito biting your soul on your ass?

That’s how I feel when I hear that phrase.

Now would be a good time to mention that I’m slightly a perfectionist. I’m totally not “all-in” on that particular trait because I also procrastinate. To top it off, I dislike doing anything more than once (twice if everyone has to do it multiple times). Why? I don’t know but I’ve told myself since I was six that doing something right once meant I wouldn’t miss any part of Captain Planet. That combination is as scary as being in the middle of bear country with a bag full of fish while you’re smeared in honey. From what I’ve seen on CSI:Miami, bears dig that combo as much as I dig holes of self-pity.

Anyway…the other day, I was feeling stuck about life and I shared that with my friend. Now before I get to her precious response, let me say that I deeply value my friends and understand that sometimes we are at a loss for words. With that said, let me say that I was offended by her generic response. It was like her brain was on auto-pilot and I took that to mean “I’m not listening to you because your problems aren’t my problems.” Cool but not cool. So I share my issues and she says to me, “Well go for it anyway because then at least you can say you tried.” (What it?! There were several its damnit!) Here’s the thing about failure — I’m of the Michael Jordan school of thought. Sure! You’ll know I failed but only after I win some championships.

Because then I’m technically not a failure.

In this day of mediocrity disguised as ingenuity, I want us to bury this phrase right next to where the NAACP buried nxgga. PLEASE! Or at least come up with a new saying that’s as colorful as a Lisa Frank pencil and stationary combo.

Is this too much to ask?

NOTE: I basically wrote this post because I wanted people to laugh a little bit (if you didn’t laugh, thanks for the page views but you don’t count). Most importantly, I want y’all to understand that when your awesome friend shares they are in a rut do NOT encourage them to “try” so that they feel better after failing.

DOUBLE NOTE: No friends were harmed in the making of this post. Also, my (professional) self-esteem was left in bear county drenched in honey and tied to a pile of fish.


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