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You Get More Flies With Honey

I used to not understand this saying…but I got it! When I did, it really was an, “Oooooohhhhh! That’s what that means!” kind of moment.

I had to laugh.

So what sparked it? I’ve sorta taken an impromptu break from actively tweeting from my twitter accounts (if you followed me during #31WriteNow, my bad). I had to do this though. Not only did I find myself losing valuable time, I found myself getting angry. Mostly at people I don’t know, have never met, probably won’t ever meet, and who don’t pay my bills. And when I say “angry,” y’all need to know that I mean just that. ANGRY! So I logged off around 9:00pm on Sunday, September 8th and I haven’t really been back.

Save for the occasional logging in to schedule some tweets.


Now what does that have to do with flies and honey and whatever else? I’ll tell you. On September 11, 2013, I logged into Tweetdeck to schedule some tweets because I’m a businesswoman with a promotional contest going on and I wanted to let the people know about it. Within twenty seconds, I saw no less than four tweets that made me say, “You get more flies with honey. Didn’t ya Grandma ever tell you that?”

That’s when it hit me!

I finally got it and why did I get it? The tweets I saw spoke of a certain group (feminists) with a particular attribute (natural hair) in a less than flattering way. While I got what the commentators were trying to say, I really understood that even the people and things we don’t like deserve to be spoken to in a nice way. Who cares if they come across as undesirable to you? That’s not YOUR issue. Your duty is to treat everyone as you’d want to be treated (Golden Rule) and I’m for damn sure that you wouldn’t want anyone to share anything with you that leaves you with a bitter after-taste?

Then again, that could be your “thing” and if it is — carry on.

The fact remains, that’s not everyone’s thing. People appreciate honesty and tact. People don’t want to be told anything in a rude manner because you “tell it how it is” and you’re just blunt. No. You are rude and your Mama probably should have put you in timeout for that. See? That wasn’t nice to read was it? Not at all. Which makes my point. Be nice to people.

Even flies like honey.

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