A Glimpse Into My Life

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Easier to Think

I’ve been in a brainstorming frenzy for the past three days! I attribute that to the clearing of my mental and physical spaces. Just wanted to share a quick update because I’m excited about the different areas in my life that I’m taking to the next level. Scared…but excited.

Professionally, I’ve started thinking of ways to market my skill set to companies and writing down my goals.  I’ve also thought about how I could take my company, Professional By Design NOLA, to the next level. The BIG realization — there will be some sleepless nights and I might devote two “work days” a week to planning for it.

Personally, I’ve even seriously considered dating (WHAT?) and that’s funny. That actually makes me laugh and who knows, I may have my own little highlights from the interesting things I see and experience while dating. My awkwardness and ability to make something funny (that might not be funny) could turn that into a fun thing. We shall see though.

I will say overall that I’m more open to facing my challenges head on and really embracing who I am.

This was just a short update to let y’all know what’s going on with me.

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