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Encouragement (#31WriteNow)

Sometimes that is all that a person needs.

This morning I woke up and everything was wrong. COMPLETELY WRONG! Like, I felt I had gotten kicked in my chest type of wrong. I won’t get into what was wrong but I needed encouragement and it took a little while before it happened. But it happened.

And the thing that was hurtful was that people threw in my face the fact that I’m underemployed and that I left my job when a bunch of things came to light (all financial). People said things like, “Well it was stupid of you to leave your job.” Never mind that the place stressed me out beyond belief and that other things were taking place in my life that suggested it was the best decision for all parties involved.

Yet..here I was struggling today like crying on the phone with bill collectors type of struggling…but it worked out. I never asked for money from people. I just wanted people to tell me that I made the right decision.

Luckily for me, three people did just that and my Brother reassured me that everything would be okay because he would send something to help. And that brings me to what is so frustrating about people who think differently from me. Sometimes people just need encouragement. They don’t need you to echo their negative thoughts OR to belittle them in any way. They just need to know that it’s okay and that everyone faces a troubling time. 

It’s okay.

They need encouragement. I wish we were all a little better about this.

From now on, I’ll do better to be Encouraging to others…and I’ll pay close attention to those who do the same for me. Those folks will be my inner circle.

This is today’s post.


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