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Affirmation Hour – December 5, 2012

Everything is working out perfectly for my highest good.

I find happiness in every circumstance.

I remember to find happiness through any challenge.

My happiness draws even more blessings into my life.

I am in charge of my own happiness.

I gratefully accept all of the happiness the Universe pours into my life.

I deserve all of the happiness in my life.

My heart overflows with gratitude when I recognize my happiness.

I am healthy and happy.

I am in control of my life choices and I make decisions that increase my happiness.

I cherish all of my feelings and I release that which doesn’t serve my highest good.

I am happy to be me and I express my gratitude daily!

I am a happy and successful person.

My happiness is contagious!

Others can’t help but to feel more happiness when I’m around.

Happiness comes easily to me.

Happiness is activated by love.

I have a happy soul.

Divine peace and happiness flows into my life from my Source effortlessly.

I allow happiness to fill every minute of every hour of my life.

Life supports my decisions in every way.

I surround myself with confident people who encourage my happiness.

I remind myself that happiness begets happiness.

I allow happiness to manifest into my life.

My happiness stems from my inner peace.

Happiness naturally flows from the love in my heart.

I am loved and safe and happy.

Each moment, I grow happier.

I speak health and happiness to every person I meet.

I hold the keys to my happiness.

I create my own power and I lovingly embrace my happiness.

My happiness makes my life more abundant.

My happiness makes me feel more secure each day.

I will continue to be happy.

Happiness is my reality!

I don’t try to be happy… I AM HAPPY!!!


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