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Generational Curses: Are You Carrying Any Baggage That’s Not Your Own?

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a Women’s Retreat in connection to my church. While there, I spent the majority of my time with other Young Ladies aged 13 – 21 at the insistence of the older women of the church. At 25, I was pretty apprehensive because I’m an “adult” now and I shouldn’t be around the babies, right? Right…but wrong. During our main sessions on Saturday, we shared all our personal experiences and the things we were struggling with. The walls came down; and as young women shared what they were going through, tears fell. After about the 8th young lady shared her story and struggles, I realized immediately why I was placed there.

I was to take a lesson about “Baggage” to our Elders…and to as many people who would pay attention!

How many times have we gone encountered a new situation in Life that brought up an old hurt? If you’re like me, more times than you should have. And if you’re also like myself, many of those old hurts were something passed down to you. This is what a Generational Curse truly is — it is something that festers within your family for years and is passed down just as eye color and hair curl pattern — often without us knowing it.

When I shared what I had learned with my Sunday School class (the Ladies of the church that were 21 to 59), I compared Generational Curses to going on a trip and having too much baggage. How many times have you found yourself at the ticket counter only to weigh your bag and be told, “It’s too heavy. You’ll have to pay a fee for every pound you’re over.” And how many times have you paid that fee, or adjusted your bag so that it wasn’t “over” and you could take your stuff with you?

But more importantly, how many times have you turned to, or been turned to, and asked to carry that weight? Weight that wasn’t YOUR own…but was given to you nonetheless.

You, or someone you know, took that extra weight on a trip knowing it wasn’t supposed to be there — there was no need for it. Well, I’m here to tell you to lighten your load! Go through it and get out everything that you aren’t using and isn’t building you up. Get rid of the hurt and the pain. Start talking. Fling open those closet doors on situations that your family thinks you know nothing about and as you start talking, expose those skeletons. Then when you’ve exposed the skeletons, seek closure. Realize that the closure you want may not be the closure you receive. Your goal should be to get to a point where you share your story and the hurt isn’t readily apparent.

Do it because you need to! For your safety, sanity, and salvation, expose it all and rid yourself of that dead weight. Then when you find your healing, share it with someone else that may need it.

A Cure isn’t any good to a People when the human next to you is ailing.

I really hope that someone takes heed to my words, especially if you have children. That baggage that you’ve given to them, knowingly or unknowingly, is killing them. We have young people in the streets who are losing their lives because they’ve been hardened by the Life you gifted to them — the good, or what you thought was good, and the bad. You have children struggling with adult situations with no coping mechanisms and it is killing them.

So get rid of the bag. Stop stunting your growth and hindering your children’s progress. Besides, aren’t you tired of paying the baggage fee in life?

You should be.


One response to “Generational Curses: Are You Carrying Any Baggage That’s Not Your Own?

  1. Koni September 13, 2011 at 1:38 am

    Nice post, love! I agree. Things would be much better if people actually TALKED about what’s going on. It’s not like you’re telling your business. It’s good to vent and release. It keeps you sane! 🙂

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