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Miss C. Jayne’s Bookshelf

In an effort to preserve my sanity, I’ve taken to repeating some old habits. My schedule (during any given week) is filled with work. Some weeks, I work close to 40 hours (not bad) and others, well, I have to schedule sleep. What I’ve realized during my long commute home is that reading has provided me with the vacation that I long for, yet can’t afford.

It’s absolutely nice.

But why reading?

We push for literacy within children, youth, and young adults and we often overlook ourselves. Recognizing that many of the people I associate with also see this as an enjoyable past-time, I’ve decided to “review” books that I’ve read. Noticing that many find it hard to disconnect themselves from the internet, I hope that this leads to some people picking up a book just to enjoy it.

I welcome recommendations for titles and comments from those of you who read this blog as well.


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