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Day 2: Mission Statements

Hello All!

It’s April. I’ve decided (in the spirit of personal growth) to do 30 Days of Reflection — one for each day of the month. My goal is to simply begin the process of growing into the woman I wish to become. So with that, I hope you all enjoy my posts.

~Miss C. Jayne

p.s. – I’m well aware that I’m starting with Day 2. My plan is to end on Day 30 with posts 1 and 30.


I am a firm believer in roadmaps. In this day and age, we generally aren’t too concerned with how the road we plan to travel looks. We aren’t concerned about our route because of this great invention known as GPS.

I think this reliance on a newer technology makes us too complacent. Often, we are unaware of how curvy, crowded, and troublesome a road may become because we can’t see too far ahead. The GPS system makes us comfortable in the sense that we can only see what the little screen lets us. Sharp curves and turns come up unexpectedly. Sadly, many of us (myself included), employ a GPS approach to our life. I am personally throwing away my GPS (which is often faulty and leads to lots of stress) and I’m pulling out my handy-dandy roadmap.

There are two things you need for a roadmap to be useful: your starting point and your final (or interim) destination. For me, my mission statements serve as roadmaps. At one point, I’m forced to take an honest look at myself and how I’m coming along in significant areas life (they are listed in order of importance):








Most times, this leads to a breakdown of sorts but it allows me the opportunity to set realistic and satisfying goals for myself.

As of April 1, 2010, I never wrote my personal mission statements down. As I look back, I wonder “why?” but I’m quickly reminded that the purpose is to move forward in positivity and I remove those thoughts (they are only seeds of negativity). Well, now that we’re past the set up, I’ll tell you how I went about the seemingly easy task of forming a personal statement and I’ll share the one that I use to guide my life (as of 5:47 am this morning).

Like organizational mission statements, our personal mission statements should be short, direct, and meaningful. They should convey to you what is important to you in no more than 5 sentences. These five sentences should reflect what you stand for (morals) and the person you hope to be (character). But most importantly,


Simply put: your mission statement should be the morning jolt for your soul.

I’ve decided to share with you all (over the course of a few days) my personal mission statements and why I feel each area highlighted is important. In the coming days, you can expect the seven areas to be broken down further. I hope you all enjoy and write some of your own. Before I go, I’ll share with you my guiding statement:

To become a woman of upstanding character so that I can positively influence and help uplift my community, I will remember the actions of Women such as Zora Neale Hurston, Shirley Chisholm, and my many Mothers, and work to embody their positive virtues.

Simple enough it seems.



One response to “Day 2: Mission Statements

  1. Steven Rolle April 11, 2010 at 9:36 pm

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    I wish you the best in all that you do.

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