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A Personal Challenge: Two-A-Days

There is one goal that we should all move towards: self-improvement.

In my efforts, a thought struck me last night before I went to bed. It’s almost like the Two-A-Days that athletes go through to make sure that they are in top shape for competition. Well, my Two-A-Days involve reflecting on myself and taking a hard look at what I could have done to be a better person all around.

Essentially, this idea began as journaling twice a day. After I thought about it more today, I realized that this still kept me “closed off” from others and the experiences that they’ve lived (and are willing to share). With that being said, I will now tell you all what’s involved in my Two-A-Days!


To begin with, there will be some period of reflection in the morning and at night. The morning will consist of writing out my daily goals — doable things; at least four and one of those has to be outside of my comfort zone. It could be as simple as sitting in a different seat in my class or not bringing my laptop at all (I can’t think about how hard that would be for me or I won’t do it). Along with the goals, one must be slightly “out of reach”…one of those things that I didn’t think I’d be able to do (finishing a paper…at the very least, a rough draft or calling a long-lost relative). Four goals! Attainable…and worthwhile. I’ll also have a period of reflective writing, whether it’s simply a few minutes to write out how I’m feeling and why. This is to set the tone. Something to measure the progress in my day by.


The “evening workout” will consist of reading (because that’s what nerds do!) a book that I may not otherwise read. This actually began as personal down time in my evening and reading things that I liked. But then I thought to myself, “That’s NOT challenging…at all,” and decided to find books by people who’s beliefs are “fundamentally” different from my own. This way, I get to see what my “opponents” feel on issues and I also get the opportunity to examine why I hold the stance I do in the first place. This also comes with some reflective writing (because I like to write duh).


But anyway, as I’ve said before, I’m doing this to challenge myself and to grow. I want to look back a year from now at what I’ve written and say to myself, “I’m different. I’m better. I’m more at peace. I’m of sound mind.” Things like that.


All are invited to join!


“Because if you’re not becoming better, you really are just wasting space.” – My Grandpa


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