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The Childishness of Others…

On yesterday, I was called, of all things, “childish.” To this I laughed! No really, I laughed. Truth be told, I am sort of childish. What made it even funnier was that I told the offending party that I was 16, just to see his reaction (that’s how I know I’m childish). His face was priceless…he had nothing to say. Then I laughed harder and said that I was 23 and admitted that there was some streak of childishness left in me.

I hope this is not a precursor to some mental illness that will strike me later on in life (makes mental note to look up all disorders associated with “childishness” or any other attribute of said “crime”).

Anyway, I then had a small conversation with the guy and I asked him two questions, (1) “What’s wrong with being childish?” and (2) “What would he say if I told him that his favorite musical artist was childish?”

Now, I bring music into the highlight because that’s what actually led to him calling me childish (go freaking figure). Picture this: I was walking down the street minding my business (because that’s what I do) and I just started laughing. The dude was like, “What’s funny?” I said, “Have you heard the remix to Mariah’s song Obsessed?” He said, “Yeah, I have.” Then I said, “Have you paid attention to the adlibs?” He was like, “Nah, not really why.” Then I finished with, “Well, I’m laughing because at the end of the song, she goes, ‘Did you like me? You liked me? You really, really liked me!’” and proceeded to laugh.

He said that wasn’t funny and for me to think so was childish.

So, pause! Those of you that know me can imagine what my facial expression looked like in that moment. Okay, since you don’t know me, here’s a mental: I looked slightly confused, then I raised an eyebrow, then I looked offended and responded with, “But I’m 16.” (I’m little and tiny and 5’2” when I wear my tall sneakers…so he bought it). However, after laughing and telling him how old I REALLY was, I asked him the two questions stated before. Which led to an interesting conversation. Oh, he wasn’t so serious after it either.

But anyway, I wanted to bring to you all’s (did I do that right?) attention that there is nothing wrong with being childish sometimes (I can see it being a problem if that’s how you were 24/7/365, but I would not have a problem with you…we could probably shoot the breeze if you were more carefree lol). Seriously though, I’m slightly childish (I prefer this word to childlike because being called childlike suggests I don’t have the mental capacity of an adult and therefore, I do not regularly make decisions that adults are capable of making)…

Oh, wait, I forgot, this is NOT about me…but your favorite artist.

Anyway, if we look at music through the years, we can see the childish moments of our favorite artists in their music. With singers, you gotta listen to the adlibs (cuz you know, a lot of times, they don’t write their own music that’s released). With rappers, just listen and I’ll bet you’ll have plenty of WTF moments. Here are some “Childish @$$ Musical Moments” for you to think about:

So you lied awake just singing the blues all night? Goody goody! So you think that love’s a ball of dynamite? Hurray and hallelujah, you had it coming to you! Goody goody for him, goody goody for me, and I hope you’re satisfied you rascal you.” – Goody, Goody (Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers)

Now this one is like the ultimate form of childishness. Boy meets and falls in love with girl, girl meets another boy and leaves Boy One for Boy Two, then her heart is broken by Boy Two. Apparently, it gets back to Boy One (Lyman…or his friend) and he has a ball. Just so you know, this entire song is sung to a very up-tempo beat. The first time I heard it, I was like, “Hey…I like this.” Then I listened to the words and now every time it plays in my iTunes library, I crack up! Seriously, it has me rolling right now. lol

Now for something a little more contemporary (and one of my favorite songs to demonstrate childishness):

Fresh on campus it’s the Birdman Jr., money too long teachers put away your rulers (yeah)…No shirt, tattoos, and some war wounds (sexy); I’m hot but the car cool (insert some animalistic scream or something here); She wet, that’s a carpool (yeah); Been in that water since a youngin’, you just shark food (yum, yum)…You new girlfriend is old news (Man); You ain’t got enough green, and she so blue (awww)” – Fireman (Lil’ Wayne)

Okay, I could have gone on with that idiot, but I decided to stop there (if you aren’t laughing…find a damn sense of humor). Anyway, he says YUM YUM! Like he’s four or something. Then he proceeds to “feel sorry” for the guy who is broke and now dating his ex-chick (why did I think of Nivea and The Dream? Low, yes, I know). lol. That has me laughing every time I hear it (see what I mean about the adlibs though?). Let’s see if I can find another one:

Speaking of The Dream:

“Lil momma so hood (I love yo girl)…I’m sorry I got in for your new girlfriend. She run her fingers through her hair and he trying to call her over there (she like f*** that n-word); she drop it down to the floor, I’m like Shawty you should go (she like f*** that n-word) Call it envy, I want her on me…
AND MY FAVORITE LINE OF ALL TIME IN THIS SONG: And I heard that y’all ain’t serious…cuz seriously…” – I Luv Your Girl (The Dream)

This dude done went to the club and is taunting (cuz that’s what childish people do) another dude about his girl not wanting to be with him. I bet you find that song a lot funnier now, don’t you?

That’s all I have for ya’ll. WAIT! I lied.

Lol 🙂 (or LOL; Smiley Face)! That song starts off with, “I love Fischer-Price!”


Seriously, are you laughing yet?!?! I hope you are. If not, find a damn sense of humor!

But this takes me back to my point that I was attempting to make (before I fell into a fit of giggles over song lyrics), what is wrong with being childish sometimes? I get tired of being an adult all the time. Hell that’s probably why so many folks are stressed out now. I mean, with us being in a “recession” and all…we need to chuckle every now and then. So, why don’t we?

Oh, and I bet you didn’t know your favorite artist was childish…AND I bet you’ll go back, listen to their music and think differently, won’t you? Yeah you will!

And in the words of my Main Man, The Joker (see, I’ve always been childish) as played by (the Late and Great) Heath Ledger,

“Why so serious?”



3 responses to “The Childishness of Others…

  1. shananerzzzz August 13, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    HAHA! This why quite an interesting blog!

    • misscjayne August 13, 2009 at 8:28 pm

      I’m happy you could see the humor in this. I hope you listen to music with a “different” ear, if you hadn’t already noticed the quips that many artists make! =]

  2. JayetheDreamer August 14, 2009 at 12:27 am

    I like this! Nothing but the truth 😀

    I take my iPod with me everywhere so I find myself listening to lyrics and smiling/giggling all the time at some of the stupid things (as in funny) musicians say.

    Hell, sometimes I’ll rap/sing song lyrics to answer my friends’ questions. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they tell me to grow up. lol.

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